Innovative, Informative, Invaluable.

At LifeSafety Management, personal service is our passion — and our promise. From comprehensive fire system and fire sprinkler services, to system design and installation with complete system monitoring, we are proud to offer a full range of life safety and security related services backed by our unmatched commitment to customers.

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Responsible, Reliable, Professional.

At LifeSafety Management, we don’t sleep, so you can. This dedication sets us apart from the competition and solidifies our belief in being there for our customers.  We want our customers to rely on us as an ever-present partner, not as a safety net. That’s why we provide everything you need — dependable products and services that protect life and property — and everything you deserve. Our attention to detail and a la carte offerings allow us to customize our service package for each customer while enhancing the experience with trust and reliability.

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What Customers Are Saying

Thomas R. Gibson, Asset Specialists, Inc.

Upper_Quote We are very confident with the expertise LifeSafety Management's technicians and management teams have consistently demonstrated over the years.  The level of service and compassion we have...Upper_Quote

Alexandria Brown, Stiles Property Management

Upper_Quote Since April of 2011, Stiles and LifeSafety have worked together to maintain and monitor our fire and sprinkler systems at multiple properties.   What separates LifeSafety from other compan...Upper_Quote

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